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Realtor Relations

You will be amazed at our turnaround time. Stage This House should be your first call when a property has been on the market too long or has design challenges that aren’t readily accepted by potential buyers. We accept the challenge of helping you be your best realtor.
Fact #1: Selling real estate is a two-fold process: the home draws them in and you close them out.

Fact #2: You need your listings to be a dream come true to your buyers.

Your time as a realtor should be spent making new connections and closing deals. There’s no doubt you need an experienced vacant and occupied home stager to be confident that your listing will stand out on the market. The expert team of stagers at Stage This House will be honored to be your Preferred Property Presentation Partner. We set your closing potential on fire.

Vacant Property Staging

Photos of staged homes are viewed more, have better open houses and showings and sell faster than an empty one. We are experts at making style decisions to reflect the style of the home, the neighborhood or any style period.

Occupied Home Staging

Not every client selling the home they live in takes the process well. Stage This House helps your client understand the purpose of purging for the purpose of staging and letting the home stand out.

How Can Staging Your Properties and Listings Make a Difference?

A Professionally Staged Home Can:
  • Sell 87% Quicker Than A None Staged House
  • Sell For 17% Higher Than A None Staged House
  • Improve Your Marketing and Advertising With Professional Photos
  • Increase Your Number of Showings
  • Improve Your Reputation as a Realtor by Utilizing the Latest Techniques Available
  • Provide You with Added Value To Your Listing Presentation
  • Offer Solutions When Presenting an Expired Listing
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